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Air to Water Heat pumps

Air-to-water heat pumps are designed for heating of premises (using radiators or a floor heating system) and domestic preparation of hot water using the energy present in the outdoor air. This is an environment-friendly and sustainable system using renewable energy resources. Air-to-water heat pumps may be installed in the home of any size or with any layout, and the location of installation of indoor units is not important for this system.

What is the Ecodan Next Generation All-in-one System?

The Ecodan Next Generation System (EHST20C-YM9C and EHPT20X-YM9C series models) consists of two components – an outdoor unit of an aerothermal (air-to-water) heat pump, the capacity of which is selected depending on the housing heating need, and an indoor unit – an All-in-one Ecodan tank (indoor and outdoor sections are connected by a pipeline). The indoor unit, which is similar to a refrigerator in its design, is just 1.6 metres in height, but has all the necessary components of a boiler-room installed, including even a 200-litre domestic hot water tank (a boiler). Due to its compact design, it is easy to install in all types of buildings, and it does not even need a separate boiler-room (can be installed in a garage, a bathroom, a kitchen, etc.).

In the Ecodan Next Generation System, a single-stage inverter and state-of-the-art technologies have been installed. These are completely new control technologies allowing home owners to save a lot of energy, because Ecodan Next Generation uses less energy than other similar residential heating systems.

An environment-friendly system, the most advanced technologies

The outdoor air is full of energy which is used by the new Ecodan Next Generation Hydro-box System for heating of your home and domestic hot water (with a connected boiler). Due to unique Ecodan Hydro-box Technologies, your heating bills are considerably lower.

The Ecodan Next Generation Hydro-box System supplies the highest heat at the minimum energy input and emits 30-50 per cent less CO2, compared to the conventional heating systems.


A safe investment

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC conducts all tests in its laboratories. The main components are manufactured in its own plants with especially strict quality control. This means that we can guarantee high quality of each product sold.

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC is represented by the authorized sales company in Ireland. All transactions are concluded only with partners or distributors. Products are installed only by accredited technicians. In this way quality is ensured in the entire chain from the manufacturer to the customer, therefore, your chosen products are a safe investment.

It is a long-term and carefree property.

Underfloor heating

Envirotherm Ltd use all european suppliers for underfloor pipe, manifolds, valves and fittings.

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Aluminium Radiators

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